About Me

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I've always loved a photograph's ability to freeze a moment and all the emotions that came with it. My husband learned early on in our relationship that a good photo to remember something by means more to me than any physical gift or souvenir. Having children of my own has reinforced the importance of photographing everyday life as it changes, and being the one to take those images for clients brings me such joy.

My philosophy

Here's the thing: I will never make you pose for a photo. You should hire me because you want me to photograph your life for what it is - all the chaos, all the rawness - whatever your 'normal' is, that's what I want to see when we start your shoot. My job is to make that beautiful for you, and remind you of how beautiful the life in front of you is.

Clients + Collaborators

I'm fortunate to be always working on new, exciting projects and material.

Some of my previous clients and collaborators include:

  • Canon Australia
  • Visit Canberra
  • University of Wollongong
  • Assembly Label
  • The Woods Farm
  • Gemma Peanut
  • The Hungry Monkey
  • Few and Far
  • Dandelion + Mallow
  • Carlotta + Gee
  • Kate Inglish Designs
  • Eleanor Pendleton
  • South Coast Experiences
  • Paperbark Camp
  • Soul of Gerringong
  • Far Meadow Table
  • The Still at Shoal Bay
  • Stand Tall Retreats



“My husband and I really wanted to find a photographer who was able to capture beautiful, natural photos of our little family- and Rachael did exactly that. She exudes a calmness and warmth, which instantly made us feel comfortable. Through the cold, gusty wind on the day of the shoot, the camera shy/ridiculously awkward mum and feisty toddler who just wanted to explore/eat sticks and rocks- she still captured US. She captured photos with heart and soul and genuine love- I can’t thank her enough.”

Authentic. Considered. Honest.